If you don't find an answer to your question on this page then give us a call at 831.245.7554, or send us an email info@HollisterIndoorStore.com.

Are you guys really there 24 hours a day?
No, but the ability to pick up and drop off your equipment is 24 hrs a day. We are open from 8 - 5:00 pm, M-F, weekends by appointment. To pick up your equipment you simply call the office 24-hours beforehand and set up an appointment.  When you arrive we'll have it stage in our secure back lot at the time you set. There is no need to notify us when dropping it back off, just use your access code to get back into the staging area and leave your equipment there.  If we are closed at the time you drop it off we will put it away at the beginning of the next business day.   

How will you know what my vehicles needs are?
When you initially sign up we will do a full walk around of your vehicle with you.  We will document start up and shut down procedures for your specific vehicle.  (Things like master battery switches, LP gas on/off and other crucial items to the vehicle)  We will also note and photograph any existing flaws or damage.  We will use this information to generate a computerize check in / check out sheet for your specific vehicle.  Each time you check in your vehicle a new sheet will be printed out and our staff will do a walk around before moving your vehicle indoors.  If anomalies are found we will contact you immediately. 

What happens if some damage occurs to my equipment or the building itself?
When you initially sign up we require a copy of insurance and registration.  If damages occur to your equipment while in our storage facility we will first notify you, then set up a time to look at the damage together.  At that time we will either repair the damage or pay up to your deductible.

How does pick-up & drop-off work?
To have your equipment placed out in our secure staging yard, simply call us a
business day ahead (We are open from 8 - 5:00 pm, M-F), 24 hours before your departure time and let us know when you need it out. Your equipment will then be prepped for pick up and placed in our secure yard until you arrive. You will be issued gate code to gain access to the yard and your equipment. When your outing has ended, there is no need to notify the office because you can drop off your equipment in the same yard 24 hrs a day.