Hollister Indoor Storage is a Valet storage service.  As the vehicle owner you will simply bring your vehicle to our facility and one of our competent staff members will move it in and out of our facility.  

We use a secured staging area for owners to pick up and drop off their vehicles anytime of day our night. 

As a customer, we supply you with an access code to gain access to the yard and your staged equipment.   Using your code you will then be free to come and go on your own schedule.  

Prior to moving your vehicle inside we do a complete walk around of your vehicle to inspect for any anomalies.  After moving it into the building we follow a storage shutdown list tailored to your specific vehicle to insure proper storage each time.   

When you want to use your equipment simply call us a business day ahead (We are open from 8 - 5:00 pm, M-F), 24 hours before your departure time and let us know when you need it out. Your equipment will then be prepped for pick up and placed in our staging yard until you arrive.

Returning your vehicle is just as easy.  When your outing has ended, there is no need to notify the office, you can just drop off your equipment in our staging yard 24 hours a day.  If we are closed at the time you drop it off we will pull it indoors at the beginning of the next business day.