Rates are based on the total length of your vehicle. 

We do have a $100 MINIUM / month for our service.

RV's - $6.70 per foot per month

Boats - $5.70 per foot per month **

Cars - $5.70 per foot per month

Call for Personal Water Craft rates


If your RV measures 30'-7" from front to back, 

your monthly rate would be 31' x $6.50 = $201.50 per month

** (Boats are defined as a typicial family ski / wake board style - Large fishing / off-shore boats fall under RV rates)


* Annual Contract- We offer a $0.50 per foot discount for annual contract.  Your rent is still paid monthly, you just agreeing to a 1 year term for our service.  Early termination charges apply should you fail to complete your agreement.

* Cash / Check payments- We offer a $0.20 per foot discount for payments made by Cash or Check.

Credit Card Payments:

We have added Americian Express and Discover Cards to our aproved cards

MaserCard and VISA are always accepted